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BALLSTAR™ partners with Scanlan HS

BRONX, NY – Today, Scanlan Athletic Director, Maxwell Cole, has announced that the Crusaders are partnering with Ballstar™ who will provide data tracking for the boy’s and girl’s basketball programs.

As per Calvin Griffin, Vice President of Operations at Ballstar™, "We're excited about this partnership with Scanlan! Our goal is provide Scanlan with an innovative data collection tool, which will be used to capture advanced play-by-play statistics from courtside at every game, while providing real-time updates for fans to follow the live-action."

Scanlan Athletic Director, Maxwell Cole, stated, "The Scanlan Athletic department has been working diligently for the part two months on improving all of our programs. Today the basketball program received a massive boost by partnering with Ballstar™.There is no much more to come, not just for basketball, but all of our athletic teams. These are exciting times for the Scanlan athletic community."

To learn more about Ballstar, click here. Be sure to follow the Crusaders on Instagram and Twitter!

Go Crusaders!!!

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